A Last Look Back at 2014

Because 2014 was dominated by two big, bad events – the breakup of my marriage and a year-long struggle with Löfgren’s Syndrome – I have been thinking of it as a Big, Bad Year. But that’s really not fair. Plenty of good things happened in 2014, too. Here are a few of the bright spots.

Closeup Falcon and JedJed joined the family. He is a challenge, especially now that he’s a fully-fledged adolescent, but always such a joy-bringer. (photo by Cryrolfe Photography)

Alert AllegraAnd Somali kitten Allegra came to live with me in December. She is a bold, silky, playful, three-pound nonstop purring machine.

7 Ladue Hills front of house with pathMy groundhogI moved into a house I love … with a very handsome resident groundhog in the back yard.

Little London with ParchaeLittle London, my newest great-grandniece, came into the world.

Graham and Rebecca coming down the aisleRebecca Bailey, my beloved faux niece, married handsome Scot and fellow geologist Graham Emerson. I was honored to be at their wedding and the fabulous ceilidh that followed.

Hilltop Hoods posterFools Face new album shotI was lucky enough to hear two of my favorite bands in concert; the Hilltop Hoods, from Australia, at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York City, and Fools Face on December 27 in Springfield, Missouri.

Once I started thinking this way, more and more happy events occurred to me: meeting new friends and reconnecting with several old friends; family and friends visiting here and being visited; two successful seminars put on by my business, HALO; the great joy of another year in which to love and cherish my parents; and so much more.

So, 2014 will be packed into my memory box and given a pat before I close it, rather than kicked into the back corner of the closet as per my original plan. I’m still happy and relieved to be moving into 2015. But I’m glad I took the time to remember the good things about 2014.


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