Full House: The 5-1/2 Pets Who Share My Life

For someone who lives alone, I have a great deal of company in this house. Here are profiles of the five full-time and one part-time Pets of the Realm.


Falcon upside down

Full name: CH Falcon Mes Yeux Vigilants, CGC (CH – Champion; CGC – Canine Good Citizen)

4-year-old male Beauceron dogFalcon and Sienna head to head

Function: Guard, sentry, loyal companion, occasional silly goose

Most likely to be found: staring at me from very close range

Falcon peeks around the chair

Favorite things: Attention from people he likes, Bully sticks, order in his kingdom.

Most appealing quality: kind tolerance of anything not a squirrel.


Full name: Jeremiah Mes Yeux VigilantsJed at 15 weeks outside

Six-month-old male Beauceron dog

Function: Apprentice and assistant to Falcon

Most likely to be found: trotting around the house squeaking a toy in his mouth

Favorite things: Food, fetch, Falcon

Most appealing quality: cheerful, relaxed attitude toward life.Elizabeth holding Jed

Jedphoto by cryrolfe photography


Full name: Aksum Hobnob of ArkenstoneHobnob sandwich

4-year-old male Abyssinian cat (chocolate)Abyssinian kitten

Function: Official household greeter

Most likely to be found: Someplace comfortable

Favorite things: freeze-dried chicken, yogurt, head-butting and paw-patting people he likes

Most appealing quality: Great friendliness and calm

Hobnob reclining regally


Full namAriana on the couche: BlueRiver Silver and GoldWanna buy a cat?

3-year-old female Abyssinian cat (blue torbie)

Function: lapwarmer

Most likely to be found: curled up on the back of the couch if no lap is available

Favorite things: yogurt, warm places, being brushed

Most appealing quality: coziness

Ariana on her first day here


ForAllegra with toymer name: Allegra (Elsa just seems to fit her better)

Five-month-old female Somali cat (silver black)watching TV with Allegra

Function: Look beautiful and be cute & entertaining

Most likely to be found: busily exploring the house

Favorite things: riding on my shoulders, following Hobnob around, playing with toys on strings

Most appealing quality: sweet happy kitten energy

Beautiful Allegra kitten on the bed


Full naBaby Leome: Int. CH MGL’s Personal Ensign (Int. CH – International Champion)

13-year-old male Papillon dogLovely old Leo

Function: to be dear and old

Most likely to be found: very soundly asleep in a soft dog bed

Favorite things: string cheese, K9 Nose Work, the company of the few people he really likes.

Leo nose work

Most appealing quality: When he gets very happy, he finds a dog toy, play-bows in front of it, and barks at it. He also ‘stalks’ the water bowl every single time he gets a drink.

Leo spends part of his time here and part with my ex-husband.


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  1. julievanschie · January 10, 2015

    Lovely Dixie 🙂


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